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ZULTE DARK , a brand from ALFRED, is a flemish red-brown ale of 5.1% vol. Alc of mixed fermentation for 100% aged in oak casks.
Well balanced sweet-sour taste and very refreshing

ZULTE BLOND is a Belgian high fermented blond beer of 5.5% vol. Alc , malty and thirst-quenching, brewed with selected hops.

ZULTE DARK and ZULTE BLOND: 2 brands from the ALFRED range

Our main goal with Alfred is to maintain the cultural and social heritage of the
Anglo-Belge brewery and the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Alfred Versele
and his successors Leon Versele, Georges Verhaeghe and Ignace Versele.



Oud Bruin

ZULTE, previously Oud Bruin, was one of the top brands of Anglo-Belge, founded in 1891 by Alfred Versele



From 1985 on Oud Bruin is called ZULTE.



After having disappeared from the market the ZULTE beer is back again and this time in a dark and blond version.

Both beers are a nice complement to the ALFRED beer.       

A range from A to Z. From ALFRED to ZULTE.    


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